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Canada Blower industrial blower is a device that enhances the air flow in a workspace effectively and efficiently using an electric motor, impeller, and airfoils. The purpose and function of industrial blowers is to be a permanent addition to a workspace to increase airflow and remove contaminants, dust, dirt, and particulate matter. These highly technical devices are designed to produce higher pressure than a fan at a ratio of 1.11 to 1.2, which places them somewhere between a fan and a compressor.

Centrifigual Fans from Canada Blower

Industrial blowers can be either centrifugal, axial, or positive displacement. Canada Blower centrifugal blowers have a gear system and can have a single or multiple stage construction. Axial industrial blower models are simpler to household fans with a central shaft that has blades attached while positive displacement blowers have a rotor geometry.

Types of Industrial Blowers

Industrial blowers are an essential part of any type of production or manufacturing operation to increase airflow and create positive air pressure. Present day industrial blowers were developed in the middle of the first industrial revolution as an air pump for internal combustion engines. The simple design of these initial designs included a motor, shaft, and impeller blades. The first industrial blowers have progressed and advanced into a wide variety of types, uses, designs, and applications to assist in the performance of industrial jobs and help in making work faster, easier, and safer. The modern industrial blower is used in processes to create a steady and strong flow of air or gas.

Types of Industrial Blowers

Though there is a wide assortment of types of Canada Blower industrial blowers, there are a few that are commonly used because of their endurance, reliability, and are flexible enough to adapt to a variety of conditions. They make it possible for large scale production work to be completed efficiently, reliably, quickly, and effectively.

Positive Displacement Industrial Blowers

Positive displacement industrial blowers, also known as Canada Blower lobe blowers, release air at a specific time, pressure, velocity, and direction, using a safety valve. The name lobe blower comes from two propellers in the mechanism that counter rotate. Air enters a chamber of the blower and exits through an outlet. This design allows the blower to maintain constant air flow and pressure.
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Total product quality

  • A Equipment Data Sheet is automatically produced for any customer enquiry, enabling CBC to produce a detailed specification and quotation, typically within 24 hours. This includes technical fan specification; fan operation parameters and performance curves; sound prediction within various octave bands; fan dimension drawing; together with a total and individual component price breakdown. 
  • On receipt of order all data is automatically transferred into the requisite documentation, order write-up; order acknowledgement; certified drawings; works instructions; delivery promise; manufacturer's certificate. 
  • The individual name plates, bearing an unique reference number, are automatically created to ensure that the history of any machine and its components can be fully traced back through all stages of production and administration. 

State of the Art Manufacturing

  • All our manufacturer's production facilities are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery. From the parts list the components are produced on computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machines to minimize throughput time and achieve precise tolerances. 
  • On completion of the equipment, a test run and final inspection is carried out. 
  • All work is conducted by highly skilled production personnel. 
  • The ability to work with many materials is due to the high levels of welding expertise in the Company, continuously updated by an ongoing commitment to training and the achievement of appropriate welding certificates. 
  • Modern test facilities are used to develop and test even large scale fans and blowers prior to shipment up to and including motor powers of 600 HP. 

Quality re-assured

  • Recent customer surveys show that more than 90% of customers recognize our products as being of excellent quality with very long life expectancy. Customer complaints (including customer errors and incomplete deliveries) are consistently less than one percent of total shipments. 


  • Reinforcing their commitment to total quality all of our suppliers offer a 12 month warranty after shipment on all fans and 3 years on heat exchangers. 

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Centrifugal fans, which are often called industrial blowers, are commonly used in industrial applications to circulate and supply air to a given area. Technically, blowers are different from typical industrial fans. Industrial fans circulate air throughout an entire space, while blowers provide a more directional, steady stream.

That’s why a blower, rather than a fan, would be used in applications that require a continuous stream of air. Inflation is one common application for blowers. For example, the nebula blower – which takes in air at its base, and supplies a steady stream of air directly upwards – is commonly used to inflate advertising sky dancers. That’s why the nebula blower is often called a sky dancer blower.

There are many different types of Canada Blower blowers, including portable and mounted options, and inflation is just one common application. Industrial blowers are also commonly used for ventilation, to dry carpets, to circulate air in a workspace, for exhaust, cooling, and in HVAC blower systems. In these situations, portable blowers are preferred to fans, because they provide greater control over where the flow of air is directed. For example, when drying saturated carpets, a blower can be positioned so that air is directly aimed at the wet carpets. With a fan, the flow of air is at a lesser pressure, and thus, the flow is distributed more broadly.

What Are the Differences Between Industrial Blowers and Fans ? The key difference between the two is the way in which they circulate air. As mentioned, blowers provide a more directional stream of air. Plus, another difference is that blowers have a different appearance and are constructed differently.

For example, industrial blowers are often called “snail blowers” or “squirrel cage blowers” because of the way they’re constructed. Some blowers are shaped like a snail shell, for example. The shell, or fan housing, contains a fan wheel, which is driven electrically or by gas to propel the fan blades. Air is drawn into the fan housing pushed out through an outlet, which results in that steady, continuous stream of air.

Therefore, you can tell the difference between fans and blowers by the way that air is drawn into the device. Fans use propellers, while blowers use a wheel, which is where the term squirrel cage comes from. They look like giant hamster or squirrel wheels. Plus, another key difference is the pressure at which the air is delivered. A blower provides a higher pressure stream, which makes blowers better suited for exhaust, inflation, pushing air or gas through a hose or duct, and for pressurizing spaces.

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