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The size of the area in which the centrifugal blower is to be used will obviously play a major part in the decision of how large it needs to be and how much air it can actually blow through the area. There are many different sizes that you can get to cover any area but depending on your circumstances you may need more than one to do the job adequately.  This could be an underground carpark, a gymnasium or any other open space with static air. There are many different centrifugal blowers on the market today and choosing one will depend on a number of factors. A new high pressure (up to 1.5" WG) small vaneaxial Series VA fan is an ideal booster fan for prolonged ducts. Unlike inline centrifugal ventilator, that also generates rather high pressure, the air comes out not from a peripheral outlet ring area, but distributes evenly across its outlet opening like in true axial blowers. We offer Industrail Mancoolers - circulating fans for spot cooling and local ventilation.